Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2014 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends,

What does a missionary do on furlough? Here is a summary of the past two months. I spoke 27 times in 22 different churches in 12 different states. We travelled almost 10,000 miles by car, covering states as far north as Michigan, as far south as Florida, as far east as Virginia and as far west as Iowa. We spent 42 nights on the road staying in 9 hotels, 7 homes and 4 different prophet’s chambers.

But furlough was not all work. We also took advantage of our travels to do some fun things on the way. We spent a day at Kings Island amusement park, climbed the Peaks of Otter in Virginia, and Pilot Mountain in North Carolina, visited Mount Airy, North Carolina, did sightseeing in Savannah, Georgia, went to Tybee Beach in Georgia, Disney Boardwalk in Orlando, Florida and the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We also got a plane ride in a private plane in McDonough, Georgia. This doesn’t include the days we were able to spend with family and friends along the way.
Our primary goal on this furlough was to gain some much needed support. For this reason, we focused on getting into new churches. We were able to visit 16 non-supporting churches. Five of these churches have already informed us that they would be taking us on for support. A number of other churches were positive about future support. Every church was kind with generous love offerings and words of encouragement. We are grateful for the many friends that the Lord has given us over the years, and the many new friends we made this summer.

Family news:
We were able to spend a week in Jacksonville, Florida and get Nancy and Ben settled into the dorms at Trinity Baptist College. It was difficult to say goodbye, but we are excited about their future. We know that this is where they need to be at this time, and we believe that God has great plans for their future.
News from Hungary:
We arrived back to find good crowds this past Sunday in both Tata and Esztergom. It was great to reconnect with our people here. The next couple weeks will be busy, as we settle back into the ministry in Hungary. We are looking forward to a blessed fall season. 
Ministry Information:
For those of you who may have missed seeing our furlough video let me remind you, that you can find more information about our ministry and the link to our ministry video at www.pattonhungary.blogspot.com.


Here are a few pictures:

Kings Island

Welcome to Florida!

McDonough, Georgia

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