Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June Prayer Letter


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June 2014
Dear Friends,

In just over a week we will be heading off for our summer furlough. As you can imagine, it is a busy time of preparation for us, and goodbyes for our two oldest as they head off for college. This past month has been very busy with several special events.

Wedding bells:

Janos and Detti Pesti
May was our month for weddings this year. On May 17th, Janos and Detti Pesti were married at our church in Tata. They began attending our church about 18 months ago. Neither really had any church background, but they were invited by Detti’s brother and came for a visit. The Lord really got a hold of their hearts, and they never looked back. They had been living together for a number of years, and decided that they needed to get married. We had a wonderful celebration with them, and many visitors were in attendance.

Gergo and Detti Szabo were married in Esztergom on May 24th. Gergo was saved as a teen, but had drifted away from the Lord. Over the past few years, he returned to church and got his life back on track. Detti was a Catholic who was genuinely seeking the Lord. Her workstation was right across from Gergo’s. Gergo invited Detti to church, and she was saved and baptized last year. Their relationship continued to develop and they felt the Lord leading them to get married. We pray that the Lord will use them even more as a married couple.

Marci Csiha travelled back to the US to marry Rachel Aubrey on May 31st. Although we weren’t there for the wedding, we were able to watch it on u-stream. They will return to Hungary in July. Please pray for Rachel as she says goodbye to family and friends and joins Marci in our ministries in Esztergom, Nagysap and Tata.

Baptismal Service:
Baptismal service at lake in Tata
On June 8th we held a baptismal service at our church in Tata for Janos and Detti Pesti. This is the same couple that was married on May 17th. They had a number of family members, friends and coworkers come, and we ended up with our largest attendance ever in Tata with over 100 in attendance! We had stuffed 70 chairs into our little auditorium, but as you can imagine, we could not get everyone in. We had people listening over the speaker in the nursery and the entrance area. Their salvation testimonies were powerful. Detti had three colleagues from work there, and they were all in tears. It was a powerful service, and we pray that the Lord will continue to work in hearts.

We are still seeking a solution to our building problem in Tata. The church will hold services at our current location through the summer months while we are gone, but I am guessing we will have to move to a new location in the Fall.

Summer Furlough:
We will be in the US from June 26th - August 28th for a brief furlough. Please pray for us to have safety in our travels. We will be sharing our ministry in about 20 churches during this time. Please pray also that we would be able to pick up some additional support. We are currently at about 70% of our needed support, as we come out of our transition to our new mission board. Please pray also for Nancy and Ben as they get adjusted to life in the US and settle into college. They will be attending Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, Florida. Please pray also for our churches in Hungary to experience God’s protection and blessing during our absence. And please pray for these special events that will take place in our absence.

June 23-27 – Summer day-camp in Tata.
July 21-25 – English Camp in Esztergom/English and Sports Camp in Nagysap.

Thank you for your prayers.
                                                                       Serving for His Glory

                                                                       Marc, Charin, Nancy, Ben, Esther and Hannah Patton

Support Address: Global Faith Mission Agency, P.O. Box 3326, Chattanooga, TN 37404

Sending Church: Trinity Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida

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